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Model: KA-50150SW
Pestle and Mortar - White Marble Size: 10 dia x 7 dia x 10.5 cm Weight: 1.42 kg Item Number: KA-50150SW Barcode: 579020900190..
Model: KA-50150LW
Pestle and Mortar - White Marble Size: 13 dia x 9.5 dia x 11.5 cm Weight: 2.63 kg Item Number: KA-50150LW Barcode: 579020900183..
Model: KA-50151
Marble Parer Towel Holder Size: 14 dia x 31.5 cm Weight: Item Number: KA-50151 Barcode: 698624996993..
Model: KA-50154
Marble Lazy Susan Size: Weight: Item Code: KA-50154 Barcode: 579020900152..
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